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In the fall of 2011, Bruce Vlk, Mary Uhrich Zahradka, Emily Uhrich Cerny, and Bill Uhrich (descendants of Alois and Katerina (Repsova) Teibel) located the grave site of Alois and Katerina (Repsova) Teibel on the old Uhrich farm near Hopewell, Virginia. They purchased the marker and placed it at the grave site.


Alvin Kenneth Wyborny born April 24, 1914 near Mason City, Iowa passed away at Cypress, Texas on November 14, 2010. Ken was the second-youngest of five sons born to Lulu (Witham) and Edward Franklin Wyborny. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Edna, three sons, Ronald, Wendell, and Keith and four grandsons, Chris, Bryan, Dana, and Darin, their wives, and five great-grandchildren.


Frantisek 'Frank' Vyborny born 1915 in Kutna Hora, Bohemia passed away on Sep 9, 2010. He has lived at Seattle WA, USA.


Ken Wyborny of Houston, Texas celebrated his 96th Birthday on April 24, 2010. Those in attendence were his wife, Edna, his son Wendell and wife Sheila of Houston, his son, Keith of Austin, and his nephew, Leigh and wife Karen of Houston.


Dr.Jan Masek scanned the photographic negatives of the Vyborny Family Book using an improved technique. His results make it possible to try to overlook the text even for visitors of the site. The Book is written in Czech, the scanned pictures are linked from the individual page numbers of its Czech Contents, therefore.


Family member Michal Vyborny provided detailed data related to the Czech old part of the Libenice #8 branch. Such information has not been available for the site earlier.


Walter William (Bill) Wyborny died December 27, 2008. Bill was the youngest son of Joseph R and Nelle (Lyle) Wyborny. Bill was a great grandson of Jan Wyborny (1811). Bill served in the US Army Air Force during World War Il. Bill was married to Doris Klevin Wyborny for 61 years and they spend most of those years living in rural Plymouth, Iowa. In addition to his wife, Doris, he is survived by one sister, Edna Haack of Austin, Minnesota.


Jim and Jolynn Wyborny of Carrollton, Tx announced the birth of their daughter, Malynn Rachel Wyborny. Malynn is the 7th generation from Jan (1811) who moved to America in 1851.


Ken and Edna Wyborny of Houston, Texas celebrated their 62nd Wedding Anniversay on February 9th, 2008.


Family member Dr.Jan Masek discovered traces of the probably so far unknown Vyborny family branch. Baptism of Vaclav the son of Matej Wegborny the miller of Knezeves (northern vicinity of Prague) and of his wife Katerina was recorded in the archive volume of Hostoun on Oct 2, 1695. Their godparents were recognized persons from that area (the reeve of Knezeves village, two other millers, etc.) which implies the family of Matej has settled there. It's the goal of further archive study to find additional information related to this family branch.


Donald Ray Wyborny the son of Edward Franklin and Lulu Witham Wyborny passed away on March 8, 2007, short of his 89th birthday.


Based on information kindly provided by family member Ms. Isabel Kmen of Austria a new lineage within "Lower-Pucher Vyborny" branch was found recently. Knowledge of such lineages has been quite limited for this branch so far.


Donald and Lucile (Nelson) Wyborny of Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on July 16, 2006. Donald is the son of Edward Franklin and Lulu (Witham) Wyborny.


Jan Vyborny the promising young Czech manager and sportsman, husband and father, died on July 4, 2006. For more than two years he has fought against the fatal illness. Good bye, friend...


William (Bill) Blakely of Mountain Home, Arkansas passed away very peacefully on the evening of July 2, 2006 after a long illness. Bill was the husband of Virginia (Ginny) Wyborny Blakely who is the daughter of Don and Lucile (Nelson) Wyborny also of Mountain Home.


Jim and Jolynn Wyborny announce the birth of their daughter, McKenna, born June 5th 2006. For more details visit Jim is the son of Paul and the grandson of Don Wyborny.


A. Kenneth Wyborny celebrated his 92nd birthday on April 24th, 2006. This may make him the oldest living Wyborny descendant of Jan Wyborny(*1811) who moved to the United States of America in 1851. Recently Ken and his wife Edna relocated from Mabank, Texas to Houston, Texas.


Karen (Wyborny) Ogden and her husband Jim celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on December 11th, 2005. Karen is the daughter of Harold and Dorothy (Butts) Wyborny.
For a look at their descendents please see Ogden Family.


Family member Dr. Jan Masek recently discovered the archive document dated 1615 comprising record of Jiri(George) Weyborney (known later as "of Jenichov"). This is the earliest authentic record known to us so far displaying the original spelling of the family surname. The photo of the document linked also from the page "Chronology of early periods".


Alexander Vyborny is the owner of the new prestigious domain He has established the website and continues to build its structure.


Family member, Nancy Ruby, will be displaying her paintings called “WITHOUT SKIN” at THE JUNG CENTER OF HOUSTON, 5200 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX from April 2-27, 2006.


Helena Kirsten Vyborny the new member of the Austrian branch of the family was born in Mödling (Austria) on March 28, 2006. Sincere greetings to her and to the happy parents Uschi and Alexander Vyborny !


Dr. Harlan (Hal) Wyborny, Ph.D. was ordained to be a Minister of the Good News that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. The Ordination Service was held at Twin Lakes Baptist Church, 4701 NW 11th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 which is pastored by Dr. C. Norman Sellers, Th.D. Sixteen other family members were in attendance which included his wife Donna, Hal’s two brothers and their wives, Hal’s two sisters, two of his children and 5 grandchildren.
Following the Ordination Service, Hal had the privilege of baptizing 3 of his grandchildren.


Preliminary overview of the archive records regarding the early Vybornys of Pisek and Tabor (South Bohemia) regions here. The presented data based on the results of the first visits of the State Regional Archive of South Bohemia at the Chateau of Trebon. The research have to continue, neverthless even the data currently available update our former knowledge of the relevant Vyborny family branches substantially.


Prof. Carl J. Vyborny's colleagues Prof. Maryellen L. Giger and Prof. Charles E. Metz remember to him in the article published recently in the Physics Today Journal (May 2005, pag.87). The Office of the Publisher, Journals and Technical Publications Rights & Permissions American Institute of Physics kindly permitted us to post the article on the site.
Copyright 2005, American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the authors and the American Institute of Physics.
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Also Prof.A.G.Haus remember to his colleague in the article published in SBI News, April 2004, pag.10 as well as Profs. M.L.Giger, C.E.Metz, K.Doi and R.M.Nishikawa in the article published in AAPM Newsletter, May/June 2004, vol.29, No.3, pag.14-15 do.


Historical maps of Bohemia available on the address . The earliest ones are of the 1st Military Map Survey (1764-68). Comparison of them to the present maps illustrates significant changes of the outlook of some of V/Wyborny ancestors localities during the 240 years time span. More on the page "Some historical farmsteads".


Jan Vyborny launched the new website on Jun 20, 2005. The goal of the site is to describe broad sport activies of Vyborny family members. Detailed information and author's request to collect additional data as well as links here.


Mr. Steven Wyborney has been named Oregon Teacher of the Year. This honor allowed Steven to visit President and Mrs. Bush in the Oval Office and will allow him to attend a Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama in August 2005. Steven teaches fifth grade at Nyssa Elementary in Nyssa, Oregon. Both of Steve's parents, Henry and Judy Wyborney of Cheney, WA were teacher before their retirements. Also both of Steven's brothers, Hank and Chuck, are teacher. Steven and his wife Jeannine (Howard) have two children. Steven's grandparents were Dr. Eugene and Marilla Wyborney. In the tradition of his forefathers, Steven is an evangelical. He says that "Jesus Christ is the Lord and savior of my life," and "This reality impacts everything I do. My faith provides my identity and colors my life. My faith leads me, and demands that I respond to the Lord's leading." Steven earned two bachelor degrees and a Master's degree in Education from Northwest Nazarene University of Nampa, Idaho. Excerpted from The Messenger Vol. 92, Num. 1, Winter 2005. A publication of the Alumni Association of NNU.


A Memorial Service will be held for Mary Marilla Blakesley Wyborney on Monday June 6, 2005 at 11 a.m. at the Cheney Church of the Nazarene, Cheney, Washington. Marilla Wyborney passed away on Wednesday May 4. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Eugene H. Wyborney. She is survived by two sons and a daughter: Henry Wyborney and wife Judy, Charles Wyborney, and Mary Wyborney, all of rural Cheney, Washington.


Mrs. Terrieann Vyborny, Fenwick Physics Teacher, has been selected by members of the Fenwick Faculty as the 2004 recipient of the Rev. George Conway, O.P., Award for Excellence in Teaching. See more on the address:
She was also one of the twelve members of the Fenwick Faculty named to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.


Praxedes (Pearl) Nowinski Vyborny passed away in Oct 2004. She has helped to collect the genealogic information which is presented in the "American Vyborny Book" and "Vyborny Vignettes".


In June of 2004 Leigh and Karen Wyborny of Houston, Texas visited Prague, Czech Republic (pictures from their trip here). They were the guests of Zdenek Vyborny and his wife Marie Vyborna of Prague. During their stay they visited most of the known old family home sites in Bohemia. Alexander Vyborny and his wife Uschi from Vienna, Austria joined them in Prague. On the evening of Saturday Jun 19 Jaroslav Vyborny of Prague hosted a dinner which was attended by all of the above and Jan Masek another family member who has contributed greatly to with his genealogical studies. The family group walked to Charles Bridge following the meal for exercise and additional fellowship. The following day on their return to Vienna, Alexander and Uschi again toured Kutna Hora. Leigh, Karen, and Zdenek joined them for dinner there.


Family member Dr.Jan Masek completed the first analysis of Vyborny branch of Hermanuv Mestec / Chrudim (Eastern Bohemia) based on his extensive research at the State Regional Archive at Zamrsk. Only very limited information was available up to now: both few data excerpted for " The Vyborny Book" by MUDr.Josef(*1864) Vyborny and some private archive records provided courtesy of members of the family branch. The General Index of Berni Rula (published in 2003) motivated further study implying Vyborny members lived in this region yet before 1654. Jan Masek recently found the archive record regarding Jan Wyborny whose son Vaclav was born at Bylany (between H.Mestec and Chrudim) in 1658 - he is the earliest member of the branch known to us at present.


The earliest archive record regarding the Vyborny line of Havlickuv (Nemecky) Brod discovered by Dr.Jiri Pavlicek at the State Regional Archive Zamrsk (Eastern Bohemia) recently. It refers to the birth of Jan Wyborny's daughter Alzbeta [Elisabeth] at Vadin in 1678 (for 36 years earlier than the oldest Vyborny record in Theresian Cadastre of that region known to us so far). According to Karel Kysilka's hypotheses such a Patriarch of H.Brod Vybornys was supposed to exist. The proof was missing, however, until Jiri Pavlicek's new finding. Origin of Vybornys of H.Brod region and their potential relations to other family lines is still under study.


Prof.Carl J. Vyborny, MD, PhD passed away on March 20, 2004. Besides his extremely broad scientific activities, he was interested in genealogy. He established the "" website in 1998 introducing new approaches to studying family history and has been one of its principal authors.


Josef Vyborny (of Kutna Hora - Karlov) one of the oldest descendants of the Mocovice family branch died on March 20, 2004 aged 86. His son Josef continues to farm the family homestead at Pucher near Caslav.


Congratulations to Jan and Katerina (Catharina) Vyborny on the birth of their first son Vaclav born on March 9, 2004. Jan is the manager of the Czech Ice Hockey Association. He is from Mlada Boleslav town (Northern Bohemia), however his family roots are from one of the earliest Kutna Hora Vyborny lines (a descendant of Frydrich).


Edward the son of Edward Franklin and Lulu Witham Wyborny passed away on January 18, 2004, less than 2 months after celebrating his 92nd birthday.


A new version of a well-known fraudulent e-mail/letter appeared recently. Usually the letter refers to descendants of deceased monarchs or government representatives who claim to have deposited large amounts of money in banks. A victim is asked to forward their personal records in order to aid the proper transfer of this money.
This time a virtual member of Vyborny family is involved instead (an example of this e-mail here) - and the e-mail is sent to Vybornys in other countries. The addressee is asked to take part in certain financial transaction related to the above-mentioned bank. But the goal of this and similar e-mails is to take money from the addressee in advance or to learn some sensitive data (bank accounts, etc.) from him. Naive persons are known to have lost considerable amounts of money accepting such "an advantageous offer".


Donald and Lucile (Nelson) Wyborny of Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on July 16, 2003. Donald is the son of Edward Franklin and Lulu (Witham) Wyborny.


A Vyborny family member is the author of a book. Lee Vyborny tells the story of NR-1, the US Navy’s smallest nuclear submarine. The book is called "Dark Waters: An Insider’s Account of the NR-1, the Cold War’s Undercover Nuclear Sub". The book is co-authored by Don Davis who has written eleven books which include "The Last Man on the Moon" with Apollo 17 Commander Gene Cernan and "Jon Bene¢t: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation" with Detective Steve Thomas. For further details see "Dark Waters" Homepage linked from Other Links page of "" site.



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