Chronology of early periods


The earliest known data regarding V/Wybornys residing at different localities collected below. Except of the specified cases their potential mutual relations are not known. The purpose of this comparison is to estimate possible distribution of these individuals across different generations (which are labeled in [] bracketts a similar way as in the "Kresetice" tree) and to scan places of their living.

Another presumed hypothetic persons (referred to in Kutna Hora Jesuit College and "Dvoraks of Okrouhlice" links) written in the table in italics.

Only two individuals of the "Vejborny/Vyborny" surname are listed in the book named "General Index to all the volumes of Berni rula 1654 completed with the List of denomination 1651" (LIBRI Publishing House, Prague 2003) comprising total 183000 records throughout Bohemia at that time. Another 3 records regarding to abandoned(?) Vyborny/Vejborny homesteads are there given too, however, moreover. Those data added to the table below as well (referred to as "GI - Berni rula", vol./page).

a) - information sources transcribe the family surname using "modern" spelling usually. The exact original spelling often unknown, neverthless it should be probably similar as the one written for [11] Frydrich Weyborney (Wejborny) or [12/13] Girzik Wegborney.
b) - the folowing records can be divided into three parts (either those earlier than records of the List of Denomination or Berni Rula - "pre LD/BR", those registered there - "LD/BR", or even later records - "post BR"). They are divided also into eight groups according to the regions.
c) - groups labeled as (X) correspond to those localities which Vyborny original population had not continued up to present time the most probably.
d) - the earliest occurences of the nickname/surname Vyborny of all the eight groups correspond to the time interval 1597-1695. So both the nickname has been created and possible first migration between some of the regions has been completed during this time span corresponding to no more than three generations.


Gener. Name Locality Group *Born, Died+ Earliest data Other data Ref.
[14] Jan Honz the tailor alias little Honz Klatovy (the Royal city) I
*?, ~1597+ 1577 as a vitnesse 1597sold the house #137 to his son Vaclav Vancura
vol.I/p.554,       1244,       1246
[13] Vaclav Vyborny the tailor's guildmaster Klatovy I
*?, 1634-1640+ 1597 - bought the house #137 from his father Jan Honz escaped from his house in 1633 Vancura     I/554,   1244-6,    II/55
[13] Jirik Vyborny ("Hostounsky"?) Klatovy I
*?, 1613+ 1600 - bought the house #63 at Loubsky suburb of Klatovy murdered 1613 - left children Jan, Anna, Katerina Vancura   I/630,669
[13/12] Jiri Vyborny Jenichov near Liblice II
*?, ?+   1625-45? - owned an inn at Jenichov J.Masek
[(13)/12] Vejborny's (abandoned? homestead) Slapy, ( Drazicky near Tabor, S.Bohemia) IV
*?, ?+  ?   1654 - as a locality only GI-Berni rula   II/1996
[(13)/12] Vejborny's (abandoned?) Chrudim (the Royal city) V
*?, ?+  ?   1654 - as a locality only GI-Berni rula   II/1996
[(13)/12] Vyborny's (abandoned?) Zdechovice, ( Hermanuv Mestec, Stolany) V
*?, ?+  ?   1654 - as a locality only GI-Berni rula   II/2070
[12] Vaclav of Klatovy Kutna Hora VII
*1605, ?+ 1651 - listed as a gardener at Jesuit College son Tomas (*1649) listed with him The List of Denomination
[12] Mikolas Vejborny Dobev near Pisek III
*?, ?+ 1654 - listed as a farmer at Dobev   Berni rula
[12] Jan Vyborny Hradiste near Pisek III
*?, ?+ 1654 - listed as a farmer at Hradiste   Berni rula
[11] Jan Wejborny Rozhovice, Bylany, Morasice (H.Mestec region) V
*~<1640?, >1720+ 1658 - his son Vaclav's birth record earliest known member of H.Mestec/Chrudim branch J.Masek
[11] Jan Wegborney Vadin near Nem.Brod VI
*~1640?, >~1714?+ 1678 - his daughter Alzbeta's birth record
arch.record analyses

earliest known member of Nem.Brod line
1714 - Theresian Land Record ?

[11] Frydrich Weyborney Kresetice near K.Hora VII
*1645-49, 1715+ 1681 - his marriage record 1715 - his death record

earliest known member of Kresetice line
arch.records - SOA Prague
[11] Matej Wegborny Knezeves northern from Prague VIII
*?, ?+ 1695 - baptismal record of his son Vaclav

[8/7] Vojtech Vejborny Mezirici, Drazice (Tabor region) IV
*?, ?+ 1787-93 -
his family recorded at Drazice parish
earliest member of Tabor region family known from "The Vyborny Book" Josef(*1864) Vyborny MD
[8/7] Jan Vejborny Vapenny Podol near Hermanuv Mestec V
*?, ?+ 1793 -
his marriage recorded at Vapenny Podol parish
earliest member of the family of Nacesice known from "The Vyborny Book" Josef(*1864) Vyborny MD


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