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Some of those who helped

On 9-7-1954 Henry James Wyborney narrated on tape what he knew of his family. Since then he and many others have added the information that is now included in this family outline.

The Joseph family:   Nelle Wyborny Cherry   Beulah Waugh

The John family:   Vivian Wyborny Pope   Callie Wyborny Bishop   Novella Wyborny White

The Henry family:   Antonia Wyborney Lee   Evelyn Shredl Stockmar   Georgia Sedivy Kalas   Esther Kunz Wyborney   Elaine Davis Clark   Margery Fox Johnson   and others

The Frank family: Robert Wyborny   Emma Jirsa Wyborny   Ethel Wyborny Dernek   Joseph Wyborny   Loretta Cummings King   Clara Wyborny Gault   Frank Cafourek   Leigh Wyborny   and others

The Bradek family: Lucy Chalupnik Wyborny

The Josef family: Clara Mudloff Vyborny

The Josef family of Chicago: Pearl Nowinski Vyborny


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