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"The Book of the Vyborny Family" comprises a brief information concerning some members of Vyborny family of the region of Tabor, South Bohemia.

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      The parish of Drazice     The church at Drazice
Drazice near Tabor, South Bohemia.
Left - the parish of Drazice,    right - the church of St.John the Baptist at Drazice.
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The family of the region of Tabor, South Bohemia

No excerpta from older "matrika" books I have searched for have been found, unfortunately. According to the information of the parish office of Drazice, they should be kept in archives of Tabor town. I have obtained an negative answer from there, however.

There exists the parish office at Drazice since 1757. Here (or at Mezdrici [the adjacent Mezirici village], perhaps) there was the family of Vojtech [Vejborny] and of Katerina nee Nekansky[?] 1787-93, the owner of the little house. Further there was the family of Josef Vejborny and Kater. nee Vasek[?] the farmer, marriage of which was in 1791. Another marriage in the year 1801 there was of Jan Vejborny the owner of the house to Rozalie Vosta[?]. In 1814 [there was a marriage] of Frt. Vejborny to Dorota Novak, the owner of the house, another one in 1814 of Josef Vejb. to Magd. Hejra[?] the day-worker.

Descendants of those families are still living in the neighborhood of Tabor town, South Bohemia.

      View from Drazice to Mezirici     The road to Mezirici
Left - View from the parish of Drazice to Mezirici,    right - the road to Mezirici.
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