Family trees

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a: The tree of the line of Havlickuv (Nemecky) Brod region:
- the early period here
- the northern (Pelestrov) branch:
- PDF file   (
- HTML file
- text file
- the chart
- the southern (Lipa) branch:
- the charts:
- part 1 (1742-1849)
- part 2 (1827-1885)

b: The tree of the line of Kresetice (Caslav and Kutna Hora region):
- original document written (1887-1917) by MUDr.Josef Vyborny
- the document comprising all data available (incl. those from archives and of "The American Book") - see also a comment regarding 10Vaclav(*1690)

c: The tree of Hermanuv Mestec/Chrudim branch ("the family of Nacesice"):
- analysis by Dr.Jan Masek


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