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a: Documents regarding Jan(*1811), Josef(*1828) and their families
b: Documents regarding Josef(*1779), Jan(*1811) and their families
c: Documents of Watertown, Wisconsin
d: Records of Vybornys in Berni Rula (1654), Pisek, South Bohemia
e: Preliminary overview of available archive documents, Pisek and Tabor regions, South Bohemia
f: Records of "The list of persons according to their denomination" (1651), Jesuit College, Kutna Hora
g: Archive records (1651), Kutna Hora region
h: Archive records regarding "dvoraks", Nemecky (Havlickuv) Brod region
i: Correction of data of "The Vyborny Book" - the "Kresetice" line


History of archives in Eastern Bohemia

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