Kutna Hora

The Italian Court The Italian Court (the 13th/14th century).
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The monument of TGM Monument of the President T.G.Masaryk.
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St. Jacob (2) St. Jacob's. Established as the town's main parish church and consecrated to the miner's patron St. Jacob the Bigger at the beginning of the 14th century.
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View from Ruthard Lane
View from the Ruthard Lane.
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South-eastern part of St.Barbara Cathedral
South-eastern part of the St.Barbara Cathedral.
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St.Barbara - southern chapels
Southern chapels of the Cathedral.
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The Stone Fountain The Stone Fountain.
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The Stone House
The Stone House.
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Sedlec Monastery
The Cistercian Monastery of Sedlec (established 1142) and the Ossary (on the left). According to local legend Antonin a Cistercian monk found silver deposits there.
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The Cathedral of Sedlec
The Assumption of Holy Virgin's Cathedral of the Sedlec Monastery. Built 1283-1300 as the biggest cathedral in Bohemia of the time.
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Ursuline Convent The Monastery of the Ursuline Order (the 18th century).
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F.Palacky Square
The Square of Frantisek Palacky (the Czech Revivalist of the 19th century).
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