Basic Vyborny Genealogy

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There are several hundreds Vyborny families throughout the world as evidenced by telephone listings, about half living in the Czech Republic. Most other Vyborny families live in the United States with the remainder found in various European countries (Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and in a few isolated cases even Ukraina and Russia), Canada and Australia. Approximately 80 Wyborny and 30 Wyborney families live in the United States. Vyborny's comprise about 0.02% of the aggregate total of Czech surnames, the most common of which is Novak which comprises about 1% (as high as 5% in the United States). The Vyborny name is therefore quite rare.

It would be reasonable to speculate that all individuals having a relatively rare but distinctive surname might be related to one another. Even in the absence of specific documentation of such there is circumstantial evidence that this is the case for the Vyborny name. All Vyborny's known to date who can trace their ancestry to times earlier than the middle of the nineteenth century find their family roots in relatively localized area of eastern Bohemia (see the map: running approximately from Kutna Hora towards Havlickuv Brod). Such a distribution would not arise by random chance.

Oral tradition in certain Vyborny families as well as the research done by Dr. Josef(*1864) Vyborny in compiling the Vyborny book give a simple and credible description of the origin of the name. It is said that a certain man with the last name of Cernik was the chief of the farm and estate of the Jesuit Monastery in Kutna Hora, Bohemia in the early to middle 1600's. The monastery is the gray, baroque, building in the right portion of the image on the cover page of this Web site. Mr. Cernik was in fact an "excellent" manager and people began to refer to him as “vyborny”. At some point the name stuck and Mr. Cernik became Mr. Vyborny, a change that is said to be documented in the archives in Prague.

Vyborny/Cernik is known to have had at least one son named Frydrich, born around 1645, who is clearly part of the historical record. Frydrich Vyborny (Wegborneg) in turn had ten sons from whom most, if not all, Vyborny's are likely descended. Frydrich's sons, being freemen, settled in various villages in eastern Bohemia, near Kutna Hora and so founded various Vyborny family lines.

There is every indication that Vyborny's living in the 1700's considered themselves to be members of the same family with this spirit still recoverable by Josef (*1864) as he researched the family in the late 1800's. In the present absence of documented counter examples, the single Vyborny family theory provides the best fit to available facts.


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