The letter of Josef(*1864) Vyborny to his father




Josef(*1864) wrote a letter to his father Matej(*1841) on Nov 1887. One part of it refers to the preliminary results from his study of origin of Vyborny family. This reflects well the early stage of evolution of Josef's knowledge (the whole problem is apparently more complex as illustrated by other pages of this website).

An excerpt from the corresponding part of Josef's letter given below.
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"...Dear father, about the family tree the situation there is as follows: Since the year 1700 they [Vybornys] had widespreaded over the regions of Kutna Hora, Kresetice, Zleby and Nemecky Brod. They were 8 or 9 brothers and their father's name was Frydrich, whose origin was from Kresetice and as a field-master he came to Bilany, then to Bykanec and may be even to Puker [Pucher], as well. He died in the year 1715 aged 70. Matej(*1841)
But the year of his birth should be looked for in matrika books of Kutna Hora, as archives of village parishes had been established by around 1670 only. To find the year of his birth it would not be easy, as there are no such old indexes of matrika books and I am not quite sure about the name of his father (Cerny or Cernik perhaps) ..."

This letter dated: Nov 9, 1887


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