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B. 1828     Bohemia
m. Alzbeta Siman
d. 1908
ch. 1.Maire   2.Louisa   3.Josephine   4. Josef   5.Anna  

Josef Vyborny came to America from Radovesnice, Bohemia in 1868 with his wife, five children and his elderly father.

(Very little is known of Josef Vyborny Sr.   He was born 1788, came to America at age 80. He died in 1878. Bradek's history of the Vyborny family says he was an older brother of John).

He lived at Ely, Iowa two years then in 1870 with an ox team and wagon moved on to South Dakota. Near where the town of Tabor later was built he filed a homestead claim and built a sod house. When gold was discovered in the Black Hills Josef went there with a party of miners. He stayed only a short while then returned to his homestead. He was elected mayor when the town of Tabor was organized. He served as mayor for many years and was instrumental in organizing the first public school and the construction of the first Roman Catholic church built of chalk rock in 1874.

Tabor had a traditional July Fourth celebration, Josef Vyborny spoke at the first in 1873 at the log school. This speech has been lost. Another given in 1881 was written out in pencil and eventually translated into English and published in 1976.

After farming for five years Josef purchased a saloon in Tabor which he operated until 1891. After selling out he moved to Tyndall for 10 years of retirement until returning to the family homestead, operated by his son Joseph, where he lived until his death in 1908.

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