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Jon[Jan] Vyborny - Anna Ruzicka

Jon[Jan] Vyborny was born in 1806 at Libenice (Caslav area), Bohemia. In 1834 he and Anna were married. They lived on a farm near Kuttenberg[Kutna Hora] and to them while there were born a daughter and five sons. In 1850 he decided to move his family to America. He made this decision for three reasons. He wanted to avoid mandatory service in the Austrian army for his boys. He believed there were better opportunities there for his family. Finally he was in conflict with the local priest over baptism of the children. Jon was Protestant and Anna Catholic. Appearently after the birth of each he had them baptised immediately as Protestants.

In 1851 he sold his property and they left Bohemia. They probably took a river boot on the Vltava and Elbe from Prague to Hamburg. They crossed the Atlantic on a sailing ship to New York the voyage taking seven weeks. From New York they went to Milwaukee where they stopped briefly then moved on to Watertown where Jon bought a small farm.

At Watertown Bradek was born in 1853 and Milton in 1856. In 1854 their only daughter, appearently their oldest child, died. Another tragic event was the loss of their home by fire. Jon rebuilt the house and they then lived well on their farm.

In January 1858 Jon and his oldest son Josef walked to north central Iowa looking for an area that would provide better opportunities for his boys. He found what he wanted at Mitchell, Iowa and purchased 80 acres of farm land and 5 acres of forest. They returned home, sold their land, and moved to Mitchell in April 1859.

At Mitchell the family settled on their land and prospered. In 1861 Josef enlisted in the Union army. In 1862 Milton became ill and died, Vaclav went to Wisconsin to file a claim on government land and Josef returned from the army badly crippled. In 1863 John, Vaclav (Henry), Charles and Frank enlisted to the army although Frank being under age was immediately discharged. In March 1864 Charles became ill and died. In 1865 John and Henry returned from their army service and Josef married. In 1866 John and Henry married and Henry returned to his land in Wisconsin.

On 2-8-1867 Anna died after three years of illness. In 1870 Jon remarried. In 1872 he and sons John and Frank moved to Bon Homme County in South Dakota. John and Frank returned to Mitchell and Bradek joined his father for a while then he also returned to Iowa. In 1873 Jon traded his claim for a span of oxen and a wagon and returned to Mitchell, Iowa. When Jon returned he lived with his son John. His health had deteriorated while he was in South Dakota and continued to deteriorate and he died 7-24-1874.

Jon and Anna, their sons John and Milton and daughter in law Ann(a) Bohach Wyborny all are buried in Oak Grove Cemetary at Mitchell, Iowa.

Jon had a married sister who lived near them in Iowa. When she came to America is not known. Her married name was Machacek. [Note: The actual birth year of Jan Wyborny was 1811]

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