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B. 5-20-1847     Miskovice, Bohemia
m. Anna Bohach     6-12-1869
m. Catherine Bohach     6-12-1875
d. 6-18-1896   burial at Plymouth, Iowa
ch. 1.Theodore   2.Emma   3. Rudolph   4.Anna  
5.Frank   6. Edward   7. John   8.Della   9. Robert  
10. Joseph   11. George   12. May   13. Sidney   14.Ethel  

Frank was about 4 years old when the family came to America. He was 16 when John and Charles enlisted in the Union Army. With three of the older boys gone and Joseph recovering from wounds he was needed on the farm.

Frank was a farmer. His first farm was near Mitchell, Iowa. about 1870 he moved to Rock Falls area where he lived the rest of his life.


Anna Bohach was born in Bohemia and brought to America as a small girl by her parents. She married Frank 6-12-1869 and was the mother of Theodore, Emma and Rudolph. She died during childbirth of her fourth pregnancy.

Katherine Bohach was a younger sister of Anna. She married Frank 6-12-1875 and was a mother of eleven children. The youngest, Ethel, was six months old when Frank died 6-18-1896. In her later years she lived with her son Sidney. She died 12-11-1924. Her birthdate was 4-7-1853. The family came to America in 1856.

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