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by Dr. Eugene H.Wyborney

The text of Preface:

The following is an outline of three Vyborny families in America. These are the Jon [Jan] family of Iowa, the Josef family of South Dakota and the Josef family of Chicago. There are other Vybornys in America. In the book Czech Settlers In Nebraska a Jon Vyborny is listed living at Howells in 1894. He was born at Vesely Zdar, Hlinsko, Chrudim in Bohemia. There is a business in Detroit, MI listed as Wyborny Inc and a Peter Wyborny is said to be living in southwestern Oregon.

In this outline the Roman numeral indicates the generation from Josef and Jon. Where no surname is listed then it is Vyborny, Wyborny or Wyborney. How the Jon line adopted the W spelling is unknown as that letter is not in the Czech alphabet. When Joseph enlisted in the Union army in 1861 he signed his name Vyborny. When John, Henry and Charles enlisted in 1863 each signed his name Wyborny.

How the letter   e   came into the Henry family is unknown. In the history of the 4th Iowa Cavalry both John and Charles are listed as Wyborney. When Josephine, Henry's wife, died in 1917 her grave was marked Wyborny. When Henry died in 1928 his was marked Wyborney.

2nd Edition     1981


Brief Contents of "The American Vyborny Book"

A- Preface

B- Jon Vyborny[Jan](*1811) - Anna Ruzicka - brief biography (cv) [2 pages]

C- ii-1 Joseph(*3-4-1839) - cv[1pag.] + trees of his descendants[8p.] + cv of Nancy Williams his

D- ii-2 John(*1841) - cv[1p.] + trees[24p.] + cv of Mary Heiny his wife and the family[1p.]

E- ii-3 Henry..Vaclav(*10-17-1841) - cv[3p.] + trees[42p.] + cv of Josephine
        Pokorny his wife[1p.]

F- ii-4 Charles(*1844) - cv[1p.]

G- ii-5 Frank(*5-20-1847) - cv[1p.] + trees[30p.] + cv of Anna and Katherine Bohach his wives

H- ii-6 Bradek..Vratislav(*8-28-1853) - cv[1p.] + trees[1p.]

I- ii-7 Milton..Miloslav - [1p]

J- Josef(*1828) - cv[1p.] + trees[10p.]

K- The Vyborny Family of Chicago - trees[3p.]

L- Some of those who helped - [1p.]


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