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Photocopies of "The book"

Photographic negatives of "The Book of the Vyborny Family" were taken in 1969 courtesy of Mr. Jiri(*1900) Vyborny, the son of MUDr. Josef Vyborny (*1864, +1943).

Photographic positive of the cover page of "The Book of Vyborny Family"

Mr. Jiri Vyborny lived in the Czech lands (former Czechoslovakia) in the town Jablonec (on Nisa river) after his return from Cabar (in the former Yugoslavia). He was the director of the high school.
His daughter and her family still live in the same region. An original manuscript of "The Book" is in her possession.

Information about "The Book" and its author were made possible with the valuable assistance of Mr. Josef Vyborny (*1918, Kutna Hora - Karlov) as well as Mr. Josef Vyborny (*1947, Pucher), Mr. Frantisek Snizek Sr. (Pucher), Mrs. Marie Vyborna and Dr. Frantisek Vyborny (*1914, Prague).
Descendants of the "Mocovice line" have been contacted recently by Mr. Frantisek Vyborny(*1937, Prague). Mr. Jiri Vyborny (*1929, Prague) has made it possible to reestablish access to "The Book" and other documents.

Jiri - 1

Jiri - 2

Mr. Jiri(*1929) Vyborny
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