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Contents of "The Book of Vyborny Family"

Selected parts of contents [page numbers given in brackets]:

Preface [1-2]
Definition of the "Kresetice" branch
Spelling the surname [3]
Vacslav Wejborny (9th generation / born 1717) [6-15]
Brothers of (9)Vacslav W. - the founders of later branches [35-39]
Tradition about (12)Cernik/Vyborny [50]
Dismissal of the Jesuite Order (1773) [56]
Vacslav W. (10/*1690) [63]
Brothers of (10)Vacslav W. - the founders of oldest branches [63-64]
The oldest archive data about Frydrich W. (11/*1645) [64-65]
(10)Vacslav bought the house #8 in Krupa village (1746) [65-68]
Traits of Vybornys (anatomy, disposition) [96-98]
The family of Jan W. (8/*1747) [99-115]
Emigration of Jan W. (6/*1806) and of Josef (6/*1800) to the New World [110]
The family of Jiri W. (8/*1748) [116-136]
The family of Josef W. (8/*1750) [137-139]
Other branches of the Vyborny family (and lines after the forefather Frydrich) [140]
The line of OPATOVICE [140-142]
The line of ZISOV [143-144]
The line of CEJKOVICE [145-147]
The line of KANK [147-148]
The line of PRITOKY / (Kutna) HORA [148-149]
The branch of PRAGUE region [150-151]
The branch of NEMECKY BROD region [152-155]
The branch of TABOR (South Bohemia) region [156]
The family of NACESICE (region of Hermanuv Mestec) [157]
About religious persecution of "Secret Czech Brothers" in the Cirkvice region [160]

APPENDIX:   The letter of Josef(*1864) to his father Matej(*1841)   -   dated Nov 9, 1888

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The family tree of the Kresetice branch


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