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"The book
of the Vyborny family"

An extremely important source of information concerning the Vyborny family is a manuscript named "The family book". This document (160 text pages in Czech) was written in the year 1888 by a young physician MUDr. Josef Vyborny *1864 living near Kutna Hora town , Bohemia.

the cover page
A photo of the cover page of the document (click to enlarge the title).

This document has been available to us in the form of photographic negatives only (quite recently there was ascertained the original manuscript still exists, however). The negatives are of very low contrast, so study of the book is rather difficult. It was nevertheless possible to decipher even with these conditions almost the entire text of the document.

An overview of the author's sources of information is given in the preface of the document. The author inspected 11 "matrika books". In some cases the priests of village rectories allowed him to work directly with original archive documents. MUDr.Vyborny further received several excerpts from ten other archives. Other information he obtained from the "Imperial and Royal Document Office". A great deal of detailed information was also provided to the author from family members born by the beginning of 19th century.

Preface - page #1 Preface - page #2 A photo of preface pages signed by the author (click on pictures to enlarge them)

The document thoroughly describes the family branch of the "Kresetice" region (see the family tree) of which Josef was a member. They were often of the protestant "evangelic" faith dating since before the end of the 18th century (after the "Patent of Toleration" was issued by the Emperor in the year 1781). Very detailed data about those family members are found in "The book of the family".

The goal of the author was also to document every other branch of the great Vyborny family known to him, however. Despite this, data about these other family branches are often quite brief. They do provide some overview of the distribution of Vybornys throughout the territory of Bohemia before the first half of 19th century, however.


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