Correction of data of "The Vyborny Book" -
- the "Kresetice" line



Dr.Jan Masek, a family member of the Mocovice branch, has found new data regarding the Kresetice line. He has conducted an extensive archive study and has kindly provided the results to the website. The data requires re-interpretation of a point in "The Vyborny Book". Such data are valuable since they suggest where one could proceed in future archive studies to better understand the earliest family roots.


The register record of Oct 24, 1715 regarding the marriage of Vaclav Vyborny is not legible, especially its part concerning the surname of the bride's father. The traditional reading "Martin Lotna (Lutna), the field master of Malesov", used in "The Book" and passed down to succeeding generations is incorrect. The right surname should be Kucera.

The reasons for this change is as follows:

  1. The registry index (Bykan #26) records the surname "Kucera". Also the first letter of the surname spelling is written the same way as the one of the bride's name (Katerina) in the corresponding registry (Bykan #3).
  2. The surname, Lotna, does not appear anywhere else in the registry index for the great parish region of Bykan. On the other hand the surname, Kucera, was known in several villages of that region.
  3. According to a very legible record Vojtech Jirik the son of Martin Kucera of Malesov was baptized in the Bykan church on Apr 26, 1708. This Martin Kucera had been the field-master at Miskovice in 1706. He took over the job of the field-master from Jan Vrba of Malesov upon his death in 1706.
Therefore, Katerina Kucera born at Miskovice of the parents Martin Kucera and his first wife Rosina and baptized on Mar 12, 1699 has become the wife of Vaclav Vyborny [10Vaclav*1690].
The Kucera family probably originated from Dobren near Kutna Hora. In archives it was recorded there and at Malesov as early as 1651.

Jan Masek, Nov 16, 2001