Traits of Vyborny Family Members

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The name Cernik means "black" in Czech. This name typically appeared in families having individuals with black hair, a somewhat distinctive characteristic in the relatively fair-haired Czech population. It is known from family recollections recorded in the Vyborny book that many early Vyborny ancestors did, in fact, have black hair. Vybornys currently living in Havlickuv Brod region, who knew nothing of the Vyborny/Cernik story, readily reported that early Vybornys from that part of Bohemia all had black hair. Vybornys from the early times also appeared to have had, in many cases, blue eyes. This no doubt resulted in a striking contrast, at least in some individuals, between hair and eye color. Where reported, complexions of early Vyborny's are said to tend to dark rather than light.

Early Vybornys are almost uniformly described as thin rather than stout, often being taller than average. A definite tendency to long rather than round faces has also been recorded, Many family members had distinctive facial creases on aging extending from the eyes, along the nose, to the edges of the mouth.

No hereditary or familial disease is known to track with the Vyborny name or with Vyborny descendants. Many early Vyborny's lived to advanced years during ages in which life expectancy in Central Europe was hardly 40 years. As was common for the time, many Vybornys died of respiratory disease. It is known today that certain family members have mild, adult onset, asthma although it is not clear that the incidence is greater than that in the population at large.

Although there is little reason to doubt Josef(*1864)'s basic assessment that family members tended for the most part to be of “quiet character, well disposed to good humor and high spiritedness” definite exceptions exist. Many Vybornys were in fact very strong minded and strong willed. This is particularly the case for individuals from the Libenice line from whom many of the Wybornys and Wyborneys in the United States are descended. Jan (*1811) Vyborny and his brothers were close associates of the Czech patriot (or revolutionary, depending on ones perspective) Karel Havlicek Borovsky. Many Vyborny ancestors also displayed the ambivalence for Catholicism that is common in Bohemia. In some instances family members were outspoken evangelical Protestants showing in extreme cases even outright antagonism to the Catholic faith.

Above average intelligence has been noted as a feature of Vybornys (although most families would tell you the same thing). Many Vyborny descendants are presently scientists, physicians and lawyers. In what is perhaps a faint echo of the analytical skills of Vyborny/Cernik, at least 5 of the 250 heads of households having the Vyborny name or its alternative spellings hold Ph.D.'s in the physical or mathematical sciences, a proportion that is perhaps 20 times greater than that in the population at large.


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