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Vyborny family members have made numerous contributions to the literature. Those immediately available to the site are listed below. Family members are asked to submit publications for listing at the site.


Wyborney CR (1902): Peanut harvester. Patent no.701529. United States Patent Office.

Wyborney CR (1918): Current motor. Patent no.1315587. United States Patent Office.

Vyborny O (1923): “Der Heilige Narr.” Dresden, Aurora: 51pp.

Wyborney CR (1926): Feathering paddle wheel. Patent no.1658624. United States Patent Office.

Vyborny Z (1955): "Paganini und die Romantik. Zur Psychologie der Beziehungen des Künstlers und seiner Zeit." Musica: Monatsschrift für alle Gebiete des Musiklebens. Kassel, Estr. da Musica, IX/10: 476-478.

Vyborny R (1958): On some basic properties of solutions of boundary value problems for parabolic equations. Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal 8: 537-551.

Vyborny Z (1959): "Paganini seen from a famous Polish violinist." Historical Bulletin Piacentino. Bimonthly history review, letters and limbs. Piacenza, LIV/4: 476-478.

Vyborny Z (1960): "Paganini und Beethoven". Die Musikforschung. Kassel, II/3: 325-328.

Vyborny R et al. (1962): Regulare und stabile Randpunkte fur das Problem der Warmeleitungsgleichung. Annales Polonici Mathematici. 12: 91-104.

Vyborny R (1963): Mathematical Induction.(Czech.) Mlada Fronta. Prague.

Vyborny R (1963): “Maximum Principle for Non-Hyperbolic Equations (Pt.1); Continuous Dependence of Eigenvalues on the Domain (Pt. 2).” University of Maryland, Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics, 52pp.

Vyborny Z (1963): "Nicolo Paganini and Giovanni Ricordi". Music today. Review of life and musical culture. Milano, VI/3: 98-108.

Wyborny L et al. (1964): “Adenine nucleotide degradation in the rabbit heart”: Am. J. Physiol. 207: 1139-1145

Wyborny BB (1965): “An International Study of Growth and Investment.” University of Washington.” 35pp.

Vyborny R (1966): Calculus(Czech.) Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

Wyborney VJ (1966): Histoplasmosis: A review of three cases studied in San Diego. county. California Medicine 105: 265-270.

Vyborny Z et al.(1967): Electroluminescence of gallium phosphide diodes. Fiz.Techn. Poluprov. 1,7: 1051-1054.

Vyborny J (1968): Progresivni stropni konstrukce.   CSVA, Praha.

Vyborny J (1968): Spary a spoje.   CSVA, Praha.

Wyborny HW (1971): “Zero-degree Differential Cross Sections for Nuclear Rections Induced by Li6, Li7 on Li6, Li7, Be9 from 4 to 14 MeV.” University of Iowa, 257pp.

Wyborny LE (1971) “Characterization of Aspergillopeptidase B.” University of Iowa, 131pp.

Wyborny HW (1971): “Yield Curves for Li + Li and Li + Be Nuclear Reactions” Phys. Rev. C 3, 2185–2191.

Vyborny Z (1972): "The sixth note-book of Paganini". Notebooks of the Civic Institute of Paganiniani Studies. Genova, 1: 21-29.

Vyborny CJ et al. (1975): A new method for determining the neutron response function of a "neutron insensitive" dosimeter. Radiology 116: 217-219.

Vyborny CJ (1976): “The Speed of Radiographic Screen-Film Systems as a Function of X-ray Energy and its Effect on Radiographic Contrast.” University of Chicago, 330pp.

Wyborny HW (1976): “A Biblical and Scientific Study of Earthly Earth.” Dallas Theological Seminary, 139pp.

Vyborny CJ et al (1977): A simple source of fluorescent x-rays for the study of radiographic imaging systems. Medical Physics 4: 482-485.

Vyborny CJ et al.(1977): Screen/film system speed: Its dependence on x-ray energy. Radiology 125: 811-816.

Vyborny Z et al.(1978): Space distribution of photoluminescence in GaP epitaxial layers for LEDs. Elektrotech.cas 29,2: 121-126

Wyborny L.E. et al.(1978): Synthesis of guinea-pig cardiac myosin as measured by constant infusion. Biochem. J. 170: 189–192

Vyborny R (1979): On the use of differentiable homotopy in the proof of the Cauchy Theorem. American Mathematical Monthly. 86: 380-386.

Vyborny Z (1979): Identification of impurities in GaP epitaxial layers by analysis of their luminescence spectra. Proc. IVth CS Conference on GaAs and Related Compounds, Praha: 115-119.

Vyborny CJ (1979): The H and D curves of screen-film systems: Factors affecting their dependence on x-ray energy. Medical Physics 6: 39-44.

Vyborny Z(1979): Electroluminescent diodes and displays on GaP and GaAsP Proc. Conf. Optoelektronika'79, Pardubice: 71-80.

Vyborny J (1980): Zakladani obytnych a obcanskych objektu novych konstrukcnich soustav.   VUPS, Praha.

Vyborny Z(1980): To the problem of the interpretation of the short-wave band in the red luminescence spectra of GaP:Zn,O samples. Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 62,2: 583-587

Vyborny Z et al.(1981): The study of photoluminescence spectra depth profiles of epitaxial layers of GaP:Zn,O Czech J. Phys. B 31,4: 433-440.

Vyborny R (1981): Mean value theorems and a Taylor theorem for vector valued functions. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 24: 68-77.

Vyborny R (1982): Maximum principles for the heat equation. The Australia Mathematical Society Gazette. 9: 70-79.

Vyborny CJ et al.(1982): The energy dependent behavior of noise Wiener spectra in their low frequency limits: Comparisons with simple theory. Radiology 144: 619-622.

Vyborny Z et al. (1982): Study of properties of semi-insulating GaAs for integrated circuits. Proc. Vth CS Conference on GaAs and Related Compounds, Smolenice: 78-82

Wyborny LE et al. (1985): Small peptides bound to polysomal RNA inhibit gene expression in cell free systems, replication of stimulated lymphocytes and DNA repair in isolated chromatin. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR (United States) 17: 307-323.

Vyborny CJ et al. (1986): Alternate orthogonal projections for difficult mammographic needle localizations. Radiology 161: 839-841.

Wyborny LE et al. (1986): Is classic Coca-Cola the real thing. Nature 322 (6074), Jul 3: 21.

Vyborny Z et al. (1986): GaAs digital ICs prepared by a selective implantation technique. Elektrotech.cas. 37,5: 391-399.

Vyborny R (1987): Differentiation of power series. American Mathematical Monthly. 94: 369-371.

Vyborny Z et al. (1987): Design of GaAs digital ICs using gate-arrays. Slab.obz.. 48,8: 360-364.

Wyborny LE et al.(1987): Nuclear peptides from calf liver: large scale isolation and fractionation; control of gene expression in cell-free systems, and inhibition of growth of cells in culture. Basic Applied Histochemistry (Italy) 31: 299-313.

Vyborny J (1988): Konstrukcie pozemnych stavieb.   Alfa, Bratislava.

Vyborny CJ et al. (1989): Mammography as a radiographic examination: An overview. Radiographics 9: 723-764.

Vyborney W (1989): "And Justice for All: The Messages Behind 'Real' Courtroom Dramas." Television Studies: Textual Analysis. Ed. Gary Burns and Robert J. Thompson., New York, Praeger: 103-119.

Vyborny Z et al. (1990): MSM photodetectors for integration on GaAs Slab.obz. 51,7: 306-309.

Vyborny R (1991): The Hadamard three-circles theorems for nonlinear equations. Journal Australian Mathematical Society 49: 297-302.

Wyborny L (1992): “Inherently low-emmission vehicle program estimated emmission benefits and impact on high-occupancy lanes.” U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Mobile Sources, 68pp.

Wyborny PB , et al.(1992): Telemetry format for implanted medical device. Patent no.5127404. United States Patent Office.

Wyborny P et al. (1993): Role of KDelta interactions in Kisupi+N pion production. Physical Review C 48: 1376.

Wyborny P et al. (1993): Meson exchange Kisupi+ interactions and Kisupi+-nucleus cross sections. Nuclear Physics A 553: 599c.

Vyborny R (1993): Some applications of Kurzweil-Henstock integration. Matematica Bohemica. 118: 425-441.

Vyborny CJ et al. (1994): Technical advances in chest radiography. American Journal of Roentgenology 163: 1049-1059.

Wyborny LE, et al. (1994): The use of fluoride absorption and secretion to demonstrate gastrointestinal physiology. Journal of Dental Education 58: 782.

Vyborny K, et al. (1994): Protection of kidney cell against ischemic damage by decreased kiney temperature. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis 138: 55.

Vyborny CJ et al. (1994): Computer vision and artificial intelligence in mammography. American Journal of Roentgenology 162: 699-709.

Vyborny K, et al. (1994): A comparison of various methods for cooling the kidney. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis 138: 41.

Vyborny CJ (1994): Can computers help radiologists read mammograms? Radiology 191: 315-317.

Wyborny PB , et al.(1994): Telemetry system for an implantable medical device. Patent no.5354319. United States Patent Office.

Wyborny LE, et al. (1995): Fluoride content of dairy milk from supermarket: A possible contributing factor to dental fluorosis. Fluoride 28: 10.

Vyborny P, et al. (1995): Ocular complications after bungee-jumping. Cesk.Oftalmol. 51: 194-195.

Vyborny I (1995): “Money and Capital Markets.” Slezska Universita, Karvina: 70pp.

Vyborny KM (1996): Legal and political issues facing telemedicine. Annals of Health Law 5: 61-119.

Vyborny S, et al. (1996): Effects of hemodialysis on bone mineral as followed by using neutron activation analysis. Sb.Lek. 97: 343-350.

Vyborny J et al. (1997): Nauka o materialech 10. Stavebni materialy 1.   CVUT, Praha: 159pp.

Vyborney W (1997): "Team Can Be a Four-Letter Word: The Limits of Teamwork and Consensus." Crossroads in Communication: IPCC 1997 Proc. IEEE Int.Professional Communication Conf.: 127-136.

Vyborny CJ (1997): Image quality and the clinical examination. Radiographics 17: 479-498.

Vyborny J (1997): Kusova staviva.   Materialy a technologie pro stavbu 3,6: 24-28 .

Vyborny J (1997): “Stories from Hermanuv Mestec and Surrounding Areas.” Leknin, Hermanuv Mestec: 56pp.

Vyborny J (1997): Vliv geometrickeho a dispozicniho reseni rodinnych domu a materialovych variant obvodovych konstrukci na tepelne ztraty, spotrebu energie, na vytapeni a cenu materialu.   CONSTRUMAT 98, Zilina: 64-66.

Vyborny J, et al. (1998): Splenectomy -- an analysis of problems. Rozhl.Chir. 77: 294-296.

Vyborny J et al. (1999): Termoizolacja domkow o roznych warstwach sciennych.   Warstwy 14,1: 87-90.

Vyborny R (1999): The integral: An easy approach after Kurzweil and Henstock. Cambridge University Press.

Vyborny J et al. (1999): Nauka o materialech 20(21).   CVUT, Praha: 123pp.

Vyborny J, et al. (1999): Traumatic asphyxia with an unusual etiology. Sb.Lek. 100: 305-307.

Vyborny J (1999): Investicni a provozni energeticka narocnost panelovych domu.   Snizovani energeticke narocnosti staveb, DT CSVTS, Ostrava: 57-60.

Vyborny Z et al. (2000): Application of lithography for preparation of experimental samples. Proc.Meeting "Semiconductors" group of FVS JCMF, Liblice: 34-35.

Vyborny J et al. (2000): Sanace a rekonstrukce nosnych konstrukci panelovych domu.   CKAIT, Praha: 36pp.

Vyborny J et al. (2000): Contribution to Experimental Testing of Trowel-Applied Waterproofing of Masonry from Materials with Higher Porosity.   Kontra 2000 - Durability of Buildings and Protection against Corrosion. PZITB, Warszawa: 315-320.

Vyborny CJ et al. (2000): Breast cancer: importance of spiculation in computer-aided detection. Radiology 191: 703-707.

Vyborny CJ et al. (2000): Computer-aided detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Radiological Clinics North America 38: 725-740.

Wyborny S (2000): Astronauts. Lucent Books, San Diego, Calif., ISBN 1560066482 : 112 pp.

Lebda-Wyborny T et al. (2002): Morphological changes in lungs, placenta, liver and kidneys of pregnant rats exposed to cigarette smoke, Int. Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 75, Suppl.1: 27-35.

Vyborny Z et al. (2002): Structures of Cantilever with Implanted Strain Gauge. Proc. 35th Int.Symp. on Microelectronics IMAPS, Denver, CO: 749-754.

Vyborny K et al. (2002): Magnetoresistance calculations for a two-dimensional electron gas with unilateral short-period strong modulation. Physical Review B 66: 205318/1-8.

Vyborny CJ (2002): Image and observer issues in mammography. Seminars in Breast Disease 5:190-198.

Vyborny L et al. (2003): "Dark Waters: an Insider's Account of the NR-1, the Cold War's Undercover Nuclear Sub". New American Library New York, ISBN 0451207777 : 243 pp.
Czech Translation: "V temných vodách", OLDAG, Ostrava, Czech Rep, 2004, 264 pp. ISBN: 80-86508-55-2

Vyborny R et al. (2003): Remarks on rational roots of a cubic. Int. Journal Educ. Sci. Technol. 34, No 5: 765-770.

Wyborny S (2003): Aztec Empire. Blackbirch Press Inc., ISBN 1567117368 : 48 pp.

Vyborny Z et al. (2003): Study of Piezoresistive Implanted and Thin-Film Layers for Using in Microsensors. Proc. 14th MicroMechanics Europe workshop MME 2003, Delft, the Netherlands: 61-64

Lebda-Wyborny Z et al. (2003): Nowa generacja cieczy hydraulicznych do obudów zmechanizowanych szansa obnizenia kosztów, Materialy Szkoly Eksploatacji Podziemnej lata 1992 - 2006. Calosc materialów, PAN, Szkola XII, (17.-21.2.2003) Szczyrk, Polska, ISBN: 83-89174-90-1

Vyborny Z et al. (2004): Experimental and Theoretical Study of the I-V Bistabilities of Resonant Tunneling Diodes. Proc. 24th Int.Conf. on Microelectronics MIEL 2004, Nis, Serbia and Montenegro: 359-362.

Vyborny CJ et al.(2004): Signal detection, image quality and radiation dose in mammography. Seminars in Breast Disease 17: 479-498.

Vyborny R et al. (2004): Introduction to Mathematics with Maple. World Scientific Co. , Singapore

Lebda-Wyborny T et al. (2004): Smooth muscle cell apoptosis in primary varicose veins, European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery, 28, no6: 600-611

Vyborny K et al. (2004): "Spin structures in inhomogeneous fractional quantum Hall systems", Physica E, 22, 142-147.

Wyborny S (2004): Iroquois. KidHaven Press, ISBN 073772627X : 48 pp.

Vyborny R (2005): Casus irreducibilis and Maple. The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette 32, No 1: 48-50.

Vyborny M et al. (2005): Internal Migration between US States - A Social Network Analysis, ERSA conference papers, European Regional Science Association, 333.

Vyborny R (2005): The Weierstrass Theorem on Polynomial Approximation. Matematica Bohemica 130 No.2: 161-166

Vyborny R (2005): Binomial formula and polynomial approximations. The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette 32 No.5: 339-341

Vyborny K et al. (2005): "The spin-singlet and polarized incompressible states at filling factor 2/3: what is their physical nature?", Proc. EPQHS International Workshop (Jul 7-9, 2005), Taos, NM, USA.

Vyborny R (2005-2006): A remark on the Definition of the Kurzweil-Henstock Integral. Real Analysis Exchange 31 No.2: 465-468

Vyborny Z et al. (2006): Microsensors Based on Tenzometric Layers Sputtered on Silicon Substrat. Proc.Int.Conf. MIPRO 2006, Opatija, Croatia (May 22-26, 2006):

Vyborny R (2006): Kurzweil's PU Integral as the Lebesgue integral. Matematica Bohemica 131 No.1: 11-14

Vyborny R et al. (2006): Maple tools for the Kurzweil integral. Matematica Bohemica 131 No.4: 337-346

Lebda-Wyborny T et al. (2006): A Double-blind Randomized Trial of Diazoxide Supplemented Cardioplegia, Western Thoracic Surgical Association 32nd Annual Meeting, Sun Valley Resort, Idaho (Jun 24, 2006).

Vyborny K et al. (2006): "Transport gap in a 1/3 RQH system: a probe for skyrmions", Phys.Rev. B74, 195324.

Vyborny O (2006): Privacy Preserving Data Mining State-of-the-Art. FIMU Report Series Sep 2006, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic: 1-19.

Wyborny S et al. (2006): Gargoyles. KidHaven Press, ISBN 0737736275 : 48 pp.

Vyborny K et al. (2007): "Integral and fractional quantum Hall Ising ferromagnetism", Phys.Rev. B75, 045434.

Vyborny R (2008): A remarkable formula. The Mathematical Magazine 92 No.253 (March 2008): 94-96

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