The branch of Vyborny's of Libenice Nr.45



The family of Vyborny descendants of Libenice Nr.45

Waclaw(*1774) Wyborny (the son of Jan*1747) settled in Libenice as a familiant in 1802. His farmstead (#45) has become the second most populated by Wybornys there during the first half of 1800's (17 records in the registry of the Kank parish office during that period compared to 19 records regarding the farmstead #8 of Libenice of his brother Josef*1779 and to the third one of 5 records regarding the farmstead #1 of the family of Waclav Wyborny the inn-keeper of the origin "of the lower end" Pucher branch).

Below are archive records of the evangelic parish office of Libenice regarding some of Waclaw's descendants who lived in the farmstead #45 until 1847: left - the record of 1845 of his grandson Frantisek's birth (detail of the record here),  right - the death records of Frantisek's parents Vaclav(*1807) and Rosalia of 1847 (detail of the record here).  Katerina the widow after Waclaw(*1774) died earlier the same year (detail of the record here).

      Birth record of Frantisek(*1845)     Death records of Vaclav and Rosalia, 1847


The following are pictures of some children of Frantisek(*1845) Vyborny:
upper row
left - Karel(*1870, +1904) the oldest son, right - Cenek(*1881) with his wife Roza (photo taken in 1904),
lower row
left - Anna(*1874) married Caroll - since 1888 she has lived in the U.S., returned to Czechoslovakia in 1925 after her husband died (photo taken in 1924), right - Vaclav(*1888) the tailor, he has lived in Switzerland since his young age:

      Karel(*1870) Vyborny     Cenek(*1881) and Roza Vyborny
      Anna(*1874) Vyborny     Vaclav(*1888) Vyborny

The following photo (taken in 1925) shows sons and daughters of Frantisek(*1845) Vyborny of Libenice No.45 (format 114 kB):

Sons and daughters of Frantisek(*1845) Vyborny of Libenice #45

Back row (from left):
    Josef(*1886 - +1959),   Vaclav(*1888),   Cenek(1881-1944),
Front row (from left):
  Aloisie(1878 - 1950) married Janata,   Anna(1874 - 1956) married (in the U.S.) Caroll,   Marie(*1876) married Marcin,   Emilie(1884 - 1968) married Kudrna.

Below left - the photo of Josef(1886) Vyborny with his wife Zdenka nee Svoboda (taken in 1908),  center - their children born during their stay at Vienna (Austria) were baptized in the Evangelical church shown in the picture, right - from left: Zdenka nee Svoboda, Frantisek(*1914), Josef(*1910), Karel(*1911) and Josef(1886) Vyborny (the picure taken in 1915 shortly before the father left the family for the WW1):

  Josef(*1886) and Zdenka Vyborny the Evangelical chuch at Vienna   the family of Josef and Zdenka Vyborny (1915)

The picture below taken in Kutna Hora in 1936 (format 160 kB):

The family of Vyborny's of Libenice 45

Back row (from left):
    Karel(*1911) Vyborny,   Josef(*1910) Vyborny,
    Marie(*1914) nee Krejci,   Frantisek(*1914) Vyborny,
    Frantisek(*1910) Krejci

Front row (from left):
    Zdenka and Josef(*1886) Vyborny the son of Frantisek(*1845)
    Frantisek(*1881) and Aloisie Krejci

Marie was the last living of these persons (died 2000, Oct 17).

Rudolf Marcin the son of Marie Marcin nee Vyborny of Libenice. He learned gardening during his stay in France (photo taken in 1925):

Rudolf the son of Marie Marcin nee Vyborny

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