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Our first contact with genealogy comes with the realization that the kindly old people who took such an interest in us when we were young --grandparents, great grandparents, great uncles and great aunts, must themselves have had parents and grandparents of their own. The reflections of Dr. Josef Vyborny, somber by today's standards, certainly contain much that is true but for most it is the lack of time or resources, rather than disinterest, that remains the chief impediment to learning more. One must also be realistic, knowing that the search for family roots will usually not uncover stories of great deeds or heroic events but only hard working, honorable, people who acted to insure that their descendents might live better lives than their own. Forgoing hope of a glorious past, another satisfying outcome of genealogy research might be to discover that you were the member of a large, albeit dispersed, family that can still be recognized as such.

It is recorded here that by the middle of the eighteenth century, and possibly before, individuals with the distinctive Czech surname of Vyborny lived in the villages of contiguous portions of central and eastern Bohemia. Residing about an arc from Kolin in the west to Havlickuv Brod in the east these individuals are the likely ancestors of all the Vyborny's alive today. There are credible reasons to believe that these Vyborny ancestors, in turn, were each descended from the same individual or a closely related group of individuals making all living Vyborny's and living Vyborny descendents the members of a large extended family --a relationship much more clearly perceived two hundred years ago than today. The extended Vyborny family then and now is described here.

This site is primarily the result of a fortuitous meeting of family members who were in possession of interesting information and who had the means to bring such to a larger audience. By combining the individual elements of this mosaic, a final picture has emerged which exceeds that accessible to any one individual before. An internet presentation was chosen because this has become the most efficient way to establish contact among individuals in various countries on multiple continents. We hope that such contact may allow interested individuals to learn more about the origins of their family and perhaps result in the discovery of information about the family that is not generally known at present.

Several months were taken to construct the original site, which will be completed and updated in the future. The principal sources of information used in preparing the site are listed in the acknowledgements. The information herein may be used freely, without attribution, as long as it is faithfully reproduced.



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