The "book" regarding the Vyborny's of Havlickuv Brod



Below is a translation of those pages of "The book of the Vyborny Family" concerning the Vyborny family of the Havlickuv Brod region. At the time that Josef(*1864) Vyborny compiled this information Havlickuv Brod was known as Nemecky Brod (German Crossing).

Editorial notes are given in [] brackets the same way as in other pages of this website. The words which have not been deciphered safely in the photographic negatives labeled by question marks [?].



There are by this land Vybornys of such old origin as by Kresetice region, probably. 
The region of HB I [4Josef.864] have received excerpta from matrika books of Nemecky Brod, of Lipnice and of Krasna Hora. The excerpta from Nemecky Brod's matrikas started since the year 1718. There exist even older matrika books as well, but they are probably without indexes. That's why it was not possible to find out the continuity to the line [branch] of Kresetice.

There was [a note in the excerpta of matrika of Nem.Brod about] a"copulatuo" [a marriage] of a widower Pavel Vyborny from a yard to Ann Rydlova of the demesne of Vokrouhlice. In 1747 there was another "copulatuo"of a widower from Smolov village to Salomena Duskova from Vadin village. Then at Vokrouhlice (x a footnote: chaplain Michal Vanzura married them) in 1749 there was a marriage of Vacslav Wyborny a son of the late Jan Vejborny from a yard to Rosalia Berankova from Vesetice village by Okrouhlice. In 1772 [there was a marriage] of Vacsl. Vyborny a honest widower from Smolov to Rosina Holenda [a daughter] of a farmer from Podebaby village by Okrouhlice (the witnesses: Klofac from Podebaby and Krepinsky, the miller from the same place).

There are notes then within 1744-60 [in the excerpta from matrika books of Nem.Brod] concerning to 6 baptisms together with a remark that there were only six of them and no more (!) and to 3 deaths. It is very insufficient [those excerpta] - it is evident that the matrika books of Nem.Brod itself should be a substantial source of information both as to the origin of the family [=of the Nem.B. branch] and to the continuity of this line [= Nem.B. branch] to lines [branches] by Caslav region.

I [= 4Josef.864] have obtained only incomplete three excerpta from matrika book of Lipnice town. In 1748 there was a marriage of Matej Vyborny, the son of the late Jan Vejborny from Podebaby and of the widow Magdalena Muchova from the mill under Lipnice village (by Svetla town). Later there were 2 baptisms for them and in 1784 the death of Matej Vyborny, the miller of Lipnice (the house Nr.96) of the age of 65 years and 9 months. In 1785 there was a marriage of Steiner and of Anna, the widow (her former husband was Matej Vyborny), 29 years old. In 1799 at Lipnice there a man named Kratochvil married to Johanna Vejborny, the daughter of the late Matej Vejborny and Anna (married to Steiner). Later there were 2 to 3 baptisms for the miller Vacslav Vejb. and the mother Marie (maiden name [nee] Ferdinandova). In 1821 there was a marriage of Frt.Vyborny a son of the late Vincenc Vejb., the miller from Kochanov and of Katerina, the daughter ot the miller named Soula from Meziklasy. In 1834 [there was] the baptism of a daughter of Frant.Vejb., the inn-keeper from Meziklasy -

- (he was a son of Vincenc Vejb., the chief-miller from Chotebor and of Frantiska, nee Svobodova, from Svetlice) and of her mother Katerina Sostova (of the miller from Meziklasy[?] and of her mother Alzbeta nee Rolantova from Vojeslavice the daughter of an inn-keeper from Zeliv demesne).

In 1839 at Meziklasy[?] there died Frt. Vyborny an inn-keeper 42 years old according the report of Hlavac the physician of this region by "Blutschlagstrick fluess wegen zusammenschliessens[?] seines Pulss durch das Selbstgestorben z. im. Walde Smrcensko beendigt".

In 1854 the baptisms of the daughter of Vacslav Vejb. the miller from Louky and of the son of Frant.Vyb. the inn-keeper from Meziklasy.

From the matrika book of Krasna Hora

In the year 1751 "ob. ie. copato[?]" of Jan Vejborny the son from Dvoraky and of Anna Dvorak from Zdar.

In 1751 "so. x. copul" Vacslav Vejborny the son of Martin from Pelestrov married to Salomena of the late Koukal from Zdar.

From the archive of births: Matej the son of Vacslav 1752, Martin 1752 the same place.

In 1762 "copulatuo" Vacslav the widower from Vadin to Katerina Omberlova[?] from Babice.

In 1771 there died Magdalena Vejb. the 1st wife of a miller from Krasna Hora.

In 1772 the marriage of Matej Vyborny -

- the widower and the miller from Krasna Hora and of Ana the daughter of Jiri Balthaz[ar] Sestina.

In 1772 there died Salomena Vejborny.

The births of sons Jan, Vacslav and Vincent to their parents Matej and Anna in 1775 - 776.

In 1776 there died Jan Vejborny the chief of the farm of Pelestrov.

In 1781 the birth of [the son] Antonin to his parents Matej and Ana from Krasna Hora.

In 1781 the birth of Vacslav the son of Vincenz and of Frantiska (nee Svobodova).

It's obvious the material considered is not at all exhausted by those [brief] excerpta.

[According those data] it is possible to consider of both Jan and of Martin as of brothers (and maybe even of Pavel, too).

The sons of Jan there were both the three following: [1]Matej, who had become a miller at lord's mill under Lipnice and had four sons which became millers later (Vacslav, Matej, Vincenc, Anton), [2]Jan who had been a chief of the farm of Pelestrov (+1776), [3]Vacslav who had settled at Smolov, and the sons [4]Josef and [5]Martin (born 1744).

Martin, the second brother [= the brother of Jan] was the father of the son Vacslav (who has had then sons Matej and Martin). We have no more informations concerning to Pavel.

There are in remembrances of the premonstrate order's gymnasium [= high school] of [Nem.] Brod in 1770-1780 notes about students. And there were two students named Matej Vejborny been attending the gymansium that time (one till the fourth class, the "quarta", another till the second class the "secunda"). One of them was from Lipnice, I guess; the second from Krasna Hora.


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