The Vyborny family of Brazil





One family of Vyborny's is known to have reached even the continent of South America.
Below is a brief description of its interesting history kindly provided to the site by Andrea Biar Bertolucci and Adriano Gallo Vyborny (São Paulo, Brazil).



The oldest member of the Brazilian family, Mr. Karel Vyborny was born in Bohemia, at Havlickuv Brod, on July 4, 1914. His father was Josef Vyborny and his mother was Barbora Vyborny, both died in Czechlands.

Mr.Karel married Helena Tausova in 1943. They came to Brazil after the beginning of the 2nd World War, fleeing the Nazi occupation. Helena arrived first, making passage on the Italian ship "Ponte Biancamano". This ship was stopped before reaching Brazil by the Japanese navy on the Atlantic Ocean, however. So, Mrs.Helena lived one year and a half on the ship and worked during this time in Haiti.

Mr.Karel has succeeded to leave with a group of nuns, dressed like a priest. He was able to board an airplane to Geneva and later he came to Santos/Brazil by a ship.

Karel and Helena Vyborny had one son, Carlos Ivan Vyborny, born in 1946. Mr.Karel had worked in a footwear factory named "Bata" in the Czechlands and he continued in such work in Batatuba/Sao Paulo, too. In 1950 he opened his own company named "Vyborny Representa›es Ltda." representing : "Motokov", "Pneus Barum", "Zetor", "Skoda Cars", "Jawa Motorcicles" and other Czechoslovak companies. Today, Carlos Ivan works at this company and his very new client is "Velosteel Trading" from Loucna Nad Desnou, Czech Republic.

Mr.Karel died on 1998. Mrs.Helena is living near the home of Carlos Ivan and his family at the same quarter. Carlos Ivan's wife Leonilda Alessandra Gallo Vyborny is Italian. They have two daughters, Roberta Gallo Vyborny aged 21, Carla Gallo Vyborny aged 17 years and the son, Adriano Gallo Vyborny. He has celebrated his 25 year's birthday last year.

Adriano and Andrea are heartily invited to contact the following address.


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