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B. 8-28-1853     Watertown, Wisconsin
m. Mary Rychlik    
d. 8-16-1945   Lakefield, Minn.
ch. 1.Charles   2.Edwin   3.Edith   4.Agnes   5.Mildred   6.Hattie  

Bradek was the first of the family to be born in the United States. When he was 6 year old the family moved to a farm near Mitchell, Iowa. He lived there until 1872 when he and his father moved to South Dakota and filed a homestead claim near Tabor. Bradek stayed only a short while then returned to Mitchell.

He married and farmed near Manley, Iowa. Later he moved to a farm near Lakefield, Minnesota where he lived the remainder of his life. About 1885 he wrote a biography of his father published in a Czech language journal.

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