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Preface of the book

Full text of the preface (the contents of negative photos enclosed):

Family remembrances used to frequently be no older than to the time of the generation of our great- grandfathers, often only to the generation of our grandfathers. Usually we are not interested in such things in our day to day life. Everyone looks to his future --not to his past. Lack both of knowledge or of empathy could be the reason for such disinterest, at least in my opinion. Therefore it is possible that a man who had worked hard for his whole life (maybe even having a more admirable life than those people we currently honor) might, falling asleep forever, be forgotten by his descendants. Forgotten by those for whom he had worked so hard -- and sometimes only a few generations later.

I have tried to collect information about our family named Vyborny. I have examined "matrika books" [registers of births, marriages, deaths] from the following rectories: of Kluky (established in 1784), Cirkvice (one part from 1658, another one from 1700), Bykan (from 1663), Krchleby, Trebonin (from 1681), Potehy (older volumes of it were destroyed by fire at beginning of this century), Cervene Janovice (from 1669), Suchdol (from 1745), Nebovidy, Kank (from 1762) and of protestant (evangelic) parish of Caslav town (from 1795).

I have ordered and received excerpts from the dean's archives of Kutna Hora and Nemecky Brod town, as well. Further I have obtained excerpts from archives of rectories of the following towns and villages: Zbraslavice, Uhlirske Janovice, Krasna Hora, Lipnice, Popovice, Ceslice, Ronov, some from region of Tabor town [South Bohemia], etc.

Some matrika books, as those of Bykan and of Cirkvice and partly those of Krchleby and of Trebonin I have examined literally page by page and row by row.

It is fair to note I often received an uncommon co-operation and accommodation (Bykan, Trebonin, Krchleby and recently even Cirkvice). Though in other places I encountered an unwillingness and non-confidence from certain priests.

Other data I have gathered even from the "Imperial and Royal Letter Office" at Kutna Hora.

As to personal remembrances and to oral information I am grateful mainly to the brothers Cenek Vyborny of Kluky (born 1811) and Josef of Pucher (*1823), as well as to Vacslav Vyborny (from "the lower end") of Pucher (*1822), further to Matej Vejborny of Mancice, to Vacslav Vyborny the former inn-keeper of Puker, to Jan Prochazka of Caslav town, to Mrs. Zmrhalova of the same place, to Mrs. Frantiska Vyborna, e.t.c.

September 1888             Jos. Vyborny


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